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Envision Concrete WA has the capability to complete all types of concrete, Commercial, Residential, and Decorative.

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Elevate spaces with our versatile concreting services. From intricate decorative designs to sturdy commercial solutions and inviting residential projects, we transform concrete into artistry.

Your vision, our expertise—seamless, durable, and stunning results for every space.


Exposed Aggregate: One of our most popular decorative concrete finishes which is achieved by removing the top layer of cement to reveal the underlying aggregate features.

Honed Concrete: This look typically involves grinding the surface of cured concrete to a smooth and uniform appearance.

Polished Concrete: For a more modern and high-end look, we provide polished concrete finishes which are durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to stains.


Elevate your home with our premier residential concreting services. From stylish driveways to inviting patios, we create functional and aesthetic concrete solutions tailored to your space. Our expert team ensures durability, quality, and design excellence, making your residential vision a solid reality.


We understand the unique demands and various intricacies of commercial concreting projects. Whether it’s large-scale commercial buildings, tilt panels, car parks or rural landscapes, we possess the experience to cover a broad range of commercial concreting needs.

About us

Envision Concrete is a reputable, dynamic concreting company based in Perth, Western Australia, offering top-quality concreting services to both metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia.

With a versatile portfolio of clients, we specialise in executing a wide array of projects, spanning from commercial and residential properties to more intricate jobs such as decorative concrete.

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Residential concreting focuses on enhancing homes with decorative elements like driveways and patios, prioritising aesthetics. Commercial concreting caters to larger-scale projects, emphasising durability for structures like offices and warehouses. It prioritises safety, adhering to strict codes and engineering standards, often with utilitarian design.

The duration of a concreting project varies widely based on factors like project size, complexity, weather conditions, and curing time. Small residential projects like driveways may take a few days, while larger commercial projects can span weeks or months. Simple projects might take a week, while intricate or sizeable endeavours may extend beyond a month.

Yes. Envision Concrete is fully licensed and insured.

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